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Webinar Recap: Creating a Culture Built for Growth

Fostering an engaging, growth-focused culture is so much more than just coming up with core values. It requires the right business structure, and strategic leadership that inspires ownership and responsibility from the next generation.

Last week, I teamed up with Christine Sjolin, Vice President of Strategic Development and Operations at FP Transitions, to host a webinar designed to answer the often-asked question: How do you foster a culture that’s built for growth? Over the course of our talk, we touched on common challenges, and offered solutions and tools to navigate this question — and ultimately help leaders create a firm culture that encourages and fuels future success.

Remember these key takeaways:

Overcome the “Growing Pains” of Growth

If you want to make real progress and achieve the next level of success in your advisory business, you need new mindsets, new approaches, and new priorities. If you maintain the same way of thinking and doing, you’ll stay on the same, endless “treadmill,” instead of propelling forward.

Know the Importance of Hiring “A-Players

During the webinar, we discussed the key qualities that constitute A-Players. In fact, if you’re a business owner, you are an A-Player — you built your business from the ground up. You learned what you needed to do to be successful, and how to improve. To secure significant growth, you need a team of individuals with complementary strengths that see — and are inspired by — your vision for the future.

Believe That Engagement is Everything

It’s not enough to simply hire A-Players; next-level growth is only possible when your team is engaged. Seventy-percent of the factors affecting your team's engagement are within your control. As we mentioned during the webinar, engagement happens when you get the “full person” and all the unique gifts they have to offer — which is absolutely essential to your firm’s future success.

Know That You Are the Center

A-Players need A-Employers to thrive. As a leader of your firm, your team members will watch and emulate what you do, which means you must strive to embody the tenets of true strategic leadership — these include self-awareness, humility, and vulnerability. Arrive to work each day with the passion and drive to be the best version of yourself.

Are You an A-Employer?

Find out how you measure up. Assess your strategic leadership skills by taking the Qii Consulting A-Employer Mini Audit. Click here to get started.

Did you miss the webinar? We are providing all Freedom & Growth Chronicles readers with exclusive access to the full recording when it becomes available. Follow Qii Consulting on LinkedIn and subscribe here to be one of the first to tune in.

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