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Do You Need More “Drive” On Your Team?

In a previous blog post, we talked about two extraordinary formulas that are essential to driving your business to the next level. In short:

Formula No. 1: The 10x Mindset

As Dan Sullivan puts it: Growing 10x is easier than growing 2x. The idea is that to grow 2x, you'll need to work harder at what you're already doing now to step up your game, while 10x growth requires a whole different set of thinking and tools, which opens new avenues, opportunities, and people that can get you there in giant leaps.

But 10x means change. A lot of change. That brings us to:

Formula No. 2: Know Your Power Tools. 1 + 1 = 10

When you partner up with someone who approaches problems and goals differently than you do, you exponentially increase the amount of energy available for making the changes necessary to successfully reach your new level.

As an example, imagine a significant growth initiative led by a team of 3, each with one of the following modus operandi (MO):

  • Team Member #1: Excels at effecting transformative change because she is instinctively driven to ask all the right questions, and weigh the pros and cons with a contextual perspective.

  • Team Member #2: Has innate energy for overturning the status quo because he experiments with ease, is driven by future-oriented challenges, and thrives on keeping the momentum going.

  • Team Member #3: Pivots successfully because she naturally plans for worst-case scenarios, integrating what’s happened in the past, the now, and what needs to happen in the future… and is instinctively driven to move projects to conclusion.

Serious transformation is most successful with a collaborative team confident in what each does best.

There is one assessment that delivers the confidence of knowing your instinctive power tools: the Kolbe A™ Index. These tools are not skills, they are not personality, and they are not preferences. They are DRIVE.

Get the Kolbe A™ Index Assessment at a discount through Qii Consulting

At Qii, we've made it our mission to help you be the best version of yourself. When you know what drives your behavior, you can apply your energy like a dart to a bull’s eye.

That's why in 2020, the year of clarity, as a member of Qii’s Freedom and Growth Chronicles, you can learn your own MO using our wholesale pricing through Qii’s Kolbe A™ Index portal.

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