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Life Beyond Advising - Qii and FP Transitions RoundTable Talks

Earlier this year, I was invited by the team at FP Transitions to sit down for a series of chats with Christine Sjölin about my journey to life after advising and the philosophies and processes behind the Qii methodology. Check out the first video below, and subscribe here to keep up with our latest articles and get updates when new tools or resources are available. Coming soon - Videos #2 and 3 on gaining more freedom and building an A-team.

Many of us look to another dimension and wish we could spend more time there. Maybe it is simply more time interacting with our clients, or perhaps more time with family or doing things away from work. Or maybe both! Seems unachievable given we are all endowed with time equally, and it is limited. So, how do you create more time? Leverage. Develop a team that creates more time. It’s like an alchemy that turns strengths into time and value.

About FP Transitions

FP Transitions is the nation’s leading provider of equity management, valuation and succession planning services for financial advisors. The team of consultants boasts nearly a century of combined experience providing unbiased strategic solutions for financial professionals, which have been compiled into two books, “Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business” and “Buying, Selling, and Valuing a Financial Practice: the FP Transitions M&A Guide,” both published by Wiley & Sons. Based in Portland, Oregon, FP Transitions operates the largest fully-supported open market for buying and selling financial service practices in the U.S.


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