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When Your Life Gets Reassembled

Sheltered in place, social distancing, roiling markets, loss, fear ... turbulent times can be a gift, but you only see it when you don a wiser set of lenses. It reminds me of a story recounted in Streams in the Desert:

Standing over a high peak during a raging storm, an eagle soars up through the clouds toward the sun, the water upon him glistening in the sunlight like diamonds. Had it not been for the storm, he might have remained in the valley.

SARS-CoV-2 is reassembling our lives. Slow down. Be present. Notice more. Think more. Give more. Thank more. There will always be scary times, whether global, domestic, or in a particular industry or town.

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach wrote The Scary Times Success Manual in response to the climate of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that followed 9/11. Timeless advice, these 10 strategies will help you find the silver lining when circumstances rage around you. Please share with your family, your team, your colleagues, and professional relationships. Be well.



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