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Qii Founder

My Story

After nearly 30 years in the advisory business, I retired as partner from $4 billion AUM Hewins Financial Advisors in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the mentorship of Roger Hewins, and several years of professional coaching (Betsy Buckley and Strategic Coach) I transformed my modi operandi and built a stellar wealth management team from one associate to a team of several Gen Y advisors. As we leveraged each other’s strengths over 8 years, our Bay Area team went from advising about $80 mm in assets to serving nearly $1.4 billion.  Our team was recognized as a NABCAP Premier Advisor by the National  Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices, joining an exclusive group of financial advisors who have met the NABCAP high standards for quality wealth management. In addition, NABCAP assesses 20 categories of practice management and named us an “Exemplary Advisor” in Client Education and Customer Service. 

Beyond the obvious benefit of getting to the next level of growth, the freedom the team provided allowed me to explore new roles, including forming joint ventures and strategic alliances. It was then that I realized how much passion I had for helping other professionals.  So my husband Paul and I, and our cats, moved to the mountain-biking mecca of Sedona, Arizona for our Encore life and to help you.

Colleen Jordan Hallinan - Qii Consulting

Colleen Jordan Hallinan

Chief Transformation Officer

How I Got to the Next Level

I started in the business as a stock broker for Prudential-Bache Securities after a one year stint serving on a U.S. Congressman’s team after college.  I made the move because I wanted more control over my day, but little did I know that it was control I would give up to achieve the freedom I wanted.


Fast forward to the mid-2000s, when as a new Principal at Hewins, my client base hit my limit. I hired a young recent college grad, now a Hewins Principal and the Regional Director. Together, we built a team.

But bringing in help just wasn't enough. If I wanted more growth AND freedom, I would need to adopt new mindsets.

We began by identifying and employing our respective fundamental driving forces for how we operate and excel.  This built the foundation for strategic execution. Then, I placed my focus on the development of a superstar team.  We each dove into our respective flow zones: mine being business development and client relationships, and the team took over everything else.   I included the team in every client and prospect meeting, and soon they were overhauling client service and deepening client relationships.  I achieved growth and happiness in my practice.

The Flow Zone

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has spent his career writing about the sweet spot of complete

absorption “flow.” Flow occurs when a task requires above-average skills but is neither too challenging nor too easy, with clear goals and immediate feedback that the participant is making progress…a state of complete absorption in a given activity, to the point where time

seems to slow or stop and self-consciousness is greatly diminished (the ego falls away). Csikszentmihalyi likens it to a moment when an individual puts it all together, and achieves exceptional performance. It is a state of being

completely engaged in something to the point of being in a meditative state, leaving you much less stressed when you are finished. He once spoke of how a few hours of flow each week could compensate for other life problems and theorized that consistently finding flow in some form was possibly nothing less than the key to overall happiness.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Kolbe Certified Coach, and growth consultant, I will help you to adopt the mindsets that will set you apart from the field, attract ideal clients and make you an A-Player magnet.

I want you to know what it’s like to have the freedom to do what you love all day long.


To experience the peace of a well-oiled machine managing the growth you unfurl.


To know that your team, your professional peers, and your clients are all touched with that peace every time they are around you.


And to go home to family, friends, and fun, and leave work at work.

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