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We’ve all heard that a goal without a plan is just a dream. But a plan requires smart execution to succeed. At Qii Consulting, we believe that a focus on creating space for quadrant ii activity gives everyone the ability to break through the obstacles and reach the next level of success.

Advisor, Know Thyself™, Know Your Power Tools™, Raise Your Time Esteem™, The Talent Expander™

Your Power Tools are your intrinsic aspirations, talents, and passion. Time Esteem is the acknowledgement of the value of your time and the commensurate respect you assign to it leading to maximum time at your highest and best use.

Services - Coaching

Qii Coaching helps you identify your flow zone, and protect your energy so you can seize the opportunities when you add the most value. We start by helping you identify and capitalize on your strengths, values, and vision and find more time to be strategic and proactive. Then together we’ll move into your financial advisory growth plan. Based on your needs and stage of business, we will determine areas of focus. Common areas include:

Developing a growth culture

Scaling your business for growth

Growing up market

Fostering strategic partnerships

Increasing profitability

Escalating close ratios

Amping up refer-ability

Structuring an A Team

Practice Consulting
Practice Consulting

Whether you are a single advisor with a supporting team or a multi-professional firm, Qii Consulting can move thoughts into action by helping your team understand the power of a growth culture. Everyone plays a role in growth. True team engagement starts with:

Team role clarification

Leveraging natural talents

Delegation and trust

Fanatical client relationships

Ownership and accountability

Focused growth plans

Building business value

Develop strategic partnerships

When the time comes for succession, Qii can help you plan and execute for your next chapter. 
Planning for succession doesn’t start when you’re ready for retirement. It starts the second you decide that you are building a business that will increase in value and create a legacy for your future.

Path to partner models

Transitioning client trust

Preparing for acquisition

Identifying the right successor

Training the right successor

Talent development

Services - Workshops

Qii Consulting has developed a full spectrum of workshops for financial advisors and their teams that can quick start the next level of growth. Workshops can be customized to your specific needs or choose from one of our topic areas below:

  • Advisor, Know Thyself

  • Know Your Power Tools

  • Raise Your Time Esteem™

  • The Talent Expander

  • The A-Team Engine

  • The Referral Magnet

  • Next Level Clients

  • The Strategic Partnership Firehose

  • Planning for Succession 

Services - Speaking

Qii Founder, Colleen Hallinan, has over 30 years of experience in the financial advisory business. She’s inspired clients, advisors, and firms to harness their power to reach their financial and business goals. Colleen can present on any of our service topics to assist in moving your business to the next level of growth.

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