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A Shared Future: The Superstar Supercharger

This is the eighth installment in our High-Impact Team Series. If you would like to read all installments of the series, click here.

Supercharged execution requires meaningful purpose that you constantly reinforce — in writing, in policies, and in expectations. When your people come to work every day striving for something important, clear on their role, they do a whole lot more than just their job. It’s like a winning football team: driven by a unifying goal, 11 individuals, each with different talents and specialized roles, execute choreographed play after play to move the ball to the end zone.

Supercharge your superstar team by taking these four steps:

1. Articulate your firm's vision and mission

2. Break down the mission for each role

3. Create an outcome-oriented mindset

4. Keep everyone in sync

Firm's Mission and Vision

Visualize and share with your team what drove you to build your business. What is the ideal future of your firm in the context of your clients’ lives? How do you want them to see you? Why do you do what you do for them?

"We are the most referable financial planning firm for the leaders of the fastest-growing companies in Sunville.”

Then, articulate how your team will achieve that vision: how are you changing your clients’ lives? Define the type of work you do, for whom, and how you do it. What makes you different and important to your clients? This is your mission.

"By anticipating their every need, and providing solutions that leverage their efforts and maximize their time and money, we are the most essential financial partner for successful business owners.”

Role Missions

A role mission should not be a list of responsibilities; it should describe what this person should be striving for every day. Why does this position exist? How does it contribute to the overall mission? Each team member should see clearly how their performance affects the firm’s success.

"To continuously discover the most effective planning opportunities to maximize my client’s freedom and financial position in every area of their business and personal life.”


Activity should not be mistaken for results. Create an outcome-oriented mindset with written actions and results: the goals that will achieve each role’s mission. You may have written the outcomes if you used the Who Process and the Team Success Navigator to hire your superstars. But if you have an existing team of “A-Players, get real ownership and commitment by having them draft the outcomes themselves.

"Work closely with my clients’ CPAs to anticipate timely tax-reduction opportunities.”


Activity should not be mistaken for results. Create an outcome-oriented mindset.


In Sync

Your team should be in touch regularly, updating one another on progress, problems, and priorities so no one misses a handoff. Check out the RPM CHAT session for a quick and effective team meeting model. With this weekly regimen, your team members will be clear on each other’s priorities and obstacles. And if you’ve taken them through the Big Picture meeting, they’ll know how to help each other to achieve their collective outcomes.

Download the Superstar Supercharger, a handy guide to articulating vision, missions and outcomes. Once you express and regularly reinforce a shared view of an exciting future, your superstars will be heading in the same direction, charged up to deliver on your vision.


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